Costa Rica 5 Stars

Destinations: Bajos de Toro - Pacuare River - Puerto Viejo Beach

Enjoy luxury accommodation, unique setting lodges, comfort and adventure in this run through Costa Rican emerald forests and aquamarine beaches for relaxation. 

For off the beaten path lovers and wellness seeking travelers looking for comfort and relaxation


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✓ 2 night - Silencio Lodge - 5 Stars - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

2 nights - Pacuare Lodge - 5 Stars - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

3 nights - Aguas Claras Lodge - 5 Stars - Breakfast

* Lodging selection and rating are subject to availability and confirmed over flight information provided. Changes in availability can mean final travel price fluctuation.

✓ Private Arrival transfer from SJO Airport to your hotel in Bajos del Toro.

✓ Private transfer from Bajos del Toro to the meeting point for Pacuare Lodge

✓ Private transfer from Pacuare Lodge Operations Center to Aguas Claras Boutique Hotel. 

✓ Private transportation to Limón Airstrip and local flight towards SJO Airport. 

✓ Waterfall Hike, Coffee Tasting and Night Hike in Silencio Lodge including English Speaking Guide. 

✓ Zipline, Rappel and Rafting in Pacuare Lodge including safety gear and English Speaking Guide.

Χ. Activities not mentioned in the detailed program. 

Χ. Meals not mentioned in the day-by-day itinerary. 

Χ. Souvenirs and gratuities on the visits.

Χ. International flights


Welcome to lush Costa Rica

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your driver and taken to your transportation, once there, you will be heading towards your lodge in the vicinity of Bajos del Toro, a secluded town in Costa Rica, boasting nature and a unique topography. 

The road to your lodge is mainly paved, with some gravel road onlooking the last 20 minutes of your 2 hour commute.

Enjoy a nice dinner in the cozy environment at Las Ventanas Restaurant and get to know why it receives that name.

Accommodation: Silecio Lodge

Meals: Dinner

Mystic Hike and Coffee Tasting and Night Hike

Today your day starts with a marvelous view and a coffee alongside your delicious breakfast. 

During morning time, you will be joining the hotel’s staff for a walk through lush trails and immersed in a unique setting filled with green and pure air. 

You will be taken along paths that trace a clean creek to find three stunning waterfalls. Learn the fascinating secrets of the cloud forest ecosystem, one of the planet's most rare and vulnerable while having the chance to bathe in their cold waters… if you are brave enough!

After getting back to your lodge, you will enjoy a coffee tasting of local grains of this enjoyable beverage. 

Your coffee expert will brief you on Natural History, the characteristics and the local grain’s place among these. Take sips, or a full cup to finalize the experience and warm up on the cold temperatures of this mountain setting. 

For the night, join a Nocturnal stroll in your lodge's trails; your guide will make sure to spot the nocturnal individuals of the vicinities: frogs, snakes, bats, insects and even some birds are on the list of sightings for the night. 

Once the stroll is over, you will make it back for a nice dinner.

Accommodation: Silencio Lodge 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Off to Pacuare River Basin

Today your morning will start early as you will be taken to a National Geographic Recognized accommodation.  

After 3 hours, you will get to the meeting point from which a gondola ride awaits you to take you directly to the lodge in a rainforest secluded setting. . 

Sustainable materials, technology and design converge in a real unique piece to make you boast and enjoy a real one-in-a-lifetime visit. 

Lunch and dinner are offered and your afternoon is at leisure to relax in your tropical infinity pool.

Accommodation: Pacuare Lodge

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Zipline and Rappel in the rainforest.

After breakfast, meet your adventure guide at the lobby to fill in the waiver, be advised of safety procedures and gear to then be taken by foot to the starting point of your adventure!

Glide through platforms and ziplines that will take you through the forest and make you feel bird-like. 

Once finished, you will set back to your hotel for lunch. 

After that, you will be geared up for a waterfall rappel session!

A pulley system and your guide will make sure you are able to conquer the waterfall and obstacles. 

Make sure to wear sport clothing and protection, specially for the legs, as rocks may get slippery. 

After that, relax during the afternoon in your rainforest room and rest in a real natural environment.

Accommodation: Pacuare Lodge

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Rafting and Caribbean connection

Today your day starts after breakfast with your guide meeting you at the lobby and taking you to the river basin. 

After this, a safety briefing will be followed by you floating on class III-IV rapids through the canyon of the Pacuare River. Your guides are well versed on the turns, currents and rapids, so you can be safe at all times in this adventure. 

Once arrived at the operations center, a change of clothes and a warm meal awaits before you are taken towards the Caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo in a 2.5 hour ride. 

Feel the coastal warmth and the Caribbean hug of this relaxing setting and get your feet exfoliated in the nice beach with private access from your lodge. 

Enjoy an evening at your own expense and relax at the hotel’s pool, walk down the beach or explore the area.

Accommodation: Aguas Claras Hotel

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch.

Free Days in the Caribbean

Today, you will be meeting your guide according to the tide to join your experience. 

After being fitted for safety, you can paddle your way towards Isla Chora, there, you will be able to snorkel in a specific spot on the Island. 

Once there you can enjoy drinks and fruit to recharge your energy and relax a while at the beach. 

Set back to the inland shore to be then returned to your hotel for the day.

Accommodation: Aguas Claras Hotel Meals: Breakfast 

Farewell to Costa Rica

Today, you will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the local airstrip in Limón Downtown. 

There, you will be taking a local flight towards the airport in order to reach your flight back home. 

Be sure to share your memories with family and friends!

Meals: Breakfast 

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